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Trey Lance

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I'm not taking Lance coming off 1 non FBS season. Wentz's career has taken a tailspin and he at least played 4 years at the same school.

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10 hours ago, Untouchable said:

Save it with Darnold 

Once upon a time the kid had a ton of promise and possessed the potential to be a legit Top 5 QB in this league for the better part of two decades.

That’s gone.


Maybe he resurrects his career elsewhere and becomes an Alex Smith-type. Maybe, maybe not. Who really cares, he’s done as a Jet. That’s a given.

As for the right HC? Agreed there.

And I say that you don’t dick around with another coordinator with pie in the sky aspirations.

You go get an actual program builder who can transform a franchise. That’s not Eric Bienemy. That’s not Brian Daboll. That’s not Greg Roman.

Maybe there’s an outside shot that is happens, but I’m tired of banking on that silly sh*t with no more than a hope and a prayer to base it on.

You go make a move. A big time, “we won’t take this sh*t anymore” type of move.

You go land the proven. A guy who has shown in the past that he can do it and you feel very confident in him doing it again.

Whether it be Jim Harbaugh, Mike Shanahan, trading that Seattle 1st rounder for the rights to Sean Payton...whatever.

Just get it done

Myself and many other fans of this sh*t franchise are probably within 20 or so years of kicking the bucket without having seen this dickbag of a franchise win anything of significance.

I was knee-high to a grasshopper when Namath took us there. That ‘68/‘69 run means dick to folks like me.

Go for the gold and get it done.



Another reason why this is so important is because the Jets appear to be heading to a 0-1 win season. Who would want to sign up for that? Trevor Lawrence? Free agents? This franchise has a serious credibility issue now, maybe worse than ever. Having the right head coach here will make it easier for potential players to buy into the program and want to join the team. A former coordinator as a first time head coach is not gong to carry the cache needed to convince players to want to come to the Jets. 

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