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JetNation Top 10 – Week 4

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JetNation Power Rankings Week 4

1. Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) – The Chiefs get Las Vegas at home this week; then a difficult game on the road in Buffalo. Only Green Bay (+51) has a better point differential than KC (+47) Last Week: 1

2. Green Bay Packers (4-0) – The Pack have been the best of the NFC thus far. They head to Tampa this week for a tough road test. Last Week: 2

3. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) – The Ravens were business-like against Washington Sunday. It gets much tougher from here. After a visit to Philadelphia, they are at home against Pittsburgh with road games in Indy and New England on the board next. Last Week: 3

4. Tennessee Titans (3-0) – The Titans will need to be healthy as a very solid Bills team visits on Sunday. It remains to be seen who will be available to suit up for Tennessee. Last Week: 4

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) – The Steelers schedule got shuffled for the Corona virus. It’s a long run now without a bye week. Last Week: 5

6. Buffalo Bills (4-0) – The Bills are set to give the Pats AFC East dominance a real test this season. Last Week: 6

7. Seattle Seahawks (4-0) – Only Green Bay (152) has scored more points so far than Seattle (142). They need to score as the defense is giving up close to 28 points per game. Last Week: 7

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) Sunday made it three straight wins for Brady and company. The health status at WR appears as though it will be an issue all season. Last Week: 10

9. Indianapolis (3-1) – The Colts give up 14 points per game. The defense will need to be great if Rivers is going to look as old as he did on Sunday. Last Week: Unranked

10. New England Patriots (2-2) The defense gave the offense every chance to win on the road against the champs last night. Clearly the Pats will need Cam healthy to be a factor in the AFC. Last Week: 10

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