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Which one of you is this?

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22 hours ago, pointman said:

Screen grab. Lets make that the southwhatever guys avatar. You know, the guy who "quit" the forum.

You know, I am really disappointed. I mean, deep down in my heart disappointed. No-one has used anything about 'Brokeback Mountain'. I want my money back. 

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35 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Any chance you can explain what it's in reference to?  

Below is a tweet that contains the original video.  I guess the best explanation is that the video has gone about as viral as viral gets.  Tons of people recreating it, etc.  Mike Fleetwood recreated for Christ sake.  It's so big it's the center of Tiktok new commercial. Ocean Spray bought this guy a new truck for all the free advertising he gave them.


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