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Happy birthday "Friend of OJ"!

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1 hour ago, Drums said:

Thank Hendrix I wasn’t alive. That would have been devastating. My favorite Beatle 

They released a new Lennon compilation today in honor of his birthday called Gimmie Some Truth, some very nice remixes there, been listening to it all day.


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Happy B, friend of, er, OJ. Eww, who would want to be that guy's friend? - but Happy B.

Oh, Bob, wow, whatever happened to him? He was a little moody sometimes, but I liked him.  Happy Birthday, Bob. I'm gonna wager you never updated your page.        

GAINZO, Holy Smokes. I reckon he and Garb ran off together into the sunset. : /  Well, nah, she would've told me. I think. No, no, not rumor-mongering, just kidding around because I never heard anyone justify, twist, and rationalize cheating like those two. It was like Heckle and Jeckle sometimes. I used to call her Baghdad Garb, hahahaha, Beans, if you're reading (probably not). Garb is a good apple. What I want to know is . . . HOW IS NAOMI?!

Anyway, Happy B, all! 

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