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Who's your favorite QB prospect after round 1?

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If we don't get Lawrence, or simply make the decision to continue to invest in Sam, it's important we hedge our bets by picking a QB in rds 2 or 3 that can conceivably be developed and compete with Sam if he falters.

Who is your guy? 

Personally I think this is a very talent rich draft for QBs. Kyle Trask is really, really good. Closer to Joe Burrow than he's currently getting credit for. I also think Sam Ehlinger and Brock Purdy can play in the NFL and would be excellent value after round 1.

My ultimate draft fantasy is to see us get the #1 pick, trade it for a ransom to a team like the Falcons, and then take that pick and trade down a 2nd time to a QB hungry team that wants Fields. Take the bounty of picks to load up on WR, OL, and RB (Etienne please) and then pick Trask or Ehlinger in rd 2. Extreme fantasy but what a slick move that would be by our GM.

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22 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

I'm not sure, but even if we don't land the number 1 pick, it's very hard to imagine us not having a top 3 pick right now. 

This means the central question of the offseason very well may be: Sam vs. Fields vs. Lance. 

or trade up to 1...Douglas has a lot of picks.

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