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Gase says he will consdier giving up play calling duties

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Yeah right he has no intention of this... Also below is complete BS too, they didnt try to get Bell the ball, he never does, bell is the onloy one out therer giving it 100 percent, now Gase is disappointed? DUde the players are disappointed playing yoru dumb system, Gase is literally ending careers with his terrible coaching. Bell also has gone to Gase with his concerns, and bells game script much like an our weekly gameplans and adjustments never happen. Its all just ridiculous...Gase is the worst coach we have ever had as a team and that is saying a lot.


Speaking with reporters Monday, Gase understood Bell’s frustrations but said that he “hates” that social media is the route players go instead of talking about their frustrations. This has been a previous issue with Bell, who took to Twitter to dispute there was nothing wrong with his hamstrings over the summer after he was pulled from an intrasquad scrimmage. Gase, at the time, asked that Bell come to him personally with his frustrations.

That didn’t happen on Sunday.

“It is what is,” Gase said, per The Athletic’s Connor Hughes. “I know he’s frustrated we haven’t won.”

Gase said it wasn’t the plan not to target Bell in the passing game, but more a product of how the Cardinals defense was playing. Granted, Bell has only played 1.5 games in 2020, but he’s only been targeted three times in the passing game.

“I’ve been trying to get him the ball,” Gase added…”Sometimes defense’s take guys away that we’re trying to get the ball to.”


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