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Today is my dad's 100th birthday

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Oh, no, I thought he was still around when I opened it and was all excited to lift a glass to a Centenarian. Sorry about that. : / 24 years for me for my Daddy in August, and 23 years on Thurs. for my Mom. I was trying to heal some things with her but then she got sick and I ran out of time. I lost my folks bang, bang. It's not as if I loved my Mom any less, but losing my Daddy was probably the worst blow I've ever suffered.

I'm adopted and he never tried to change me, not even one hair on my head. Not my temper, not my creativity, not a damn thing.  He understood me, which sounds very cliché, but good luck finding that. It's a gift. He also taught me how to stand up for myself in a man's world and conversely how I should treat myself, with respect:  "Don't ever bat your eyelashes or shake your can to get what you want, or you'll disappoint me, Daughter." That stuck with me my entire life, and consequently, I have zero respect for women who do that or anything like it. Eh, it's a mutually parasitic endeavor as far as I see it. 

Anyway, I apologize for the tangent, it's what I do; but sorry for your loss. Salute.

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