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Honest Question: Would YOU be a better HC than Gase?


Would you, a jagoff fan be better than this schlub?  

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  1. 1. Would you make a better HC than Gase?

    • Absolutely, I'd delegate the technical aspects to good coaches beneath me and definitely make better in-game calls
    • No, it's a lot harder than it looks.

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5 hours ago, GREENBEAN said:

SO which one of the 18 VP's, roadies and ball boys chose not to hire a QB coach or serviceable Offensive Coordinator?  Thats the guy who we should have a problem with. 

I agree that a HC is someone with a million things on their plate. Which is why I dislike when a HC chooses to run their particular unit on the field on top of it all. It takes a special breed to do that.  Like a HC being the GM. I like John Harbaugh. Myriad coordinators and position coaches come and go, btu the Ravens essentially stay the same organizationally. He's a real HC. 

When a HC decides not to hire position coaches it insinuates that he will assume that responsibility as well.  The ultimate goal is football. Just like for Van Halen it's music. If the music sucks. none of those people have jobs. so that's the most important thing. Our product sucks. Who's the problem? 

Hey I totally understand where you're coming from and I definitely see it both ways. I know I have a penchant to Ramble On and repeat myself but I did talk about the stars aligning. Lol

I was only saying that Sam has had an uphill battle, and after changing all of the executive positions from top to bottom there is going to be a period of trial and error.

 I see what you're saying which is ultimately that the head coach is who is responsible. I was playing Devil's Advocate and bringing up the fact that there are many other people involved in the product you see you on the field.

I made the analogy of a rock band for the simple fact that I know many guys on this board jam and have played in bands and it's easier to play in a bar in front of a hundred people than it is to play in a stadium in front of a hundred thousand people. That's when you have to rely on the road manager, the construction crew, the Roadies and guitar techs Etc.

So it's kind of a catch-22 isn't it? Cuz if you go see Ozzy live in concert and it sucks, you have to blame his Road manager, the guy who does the lighting and the sound man, and the guy tuning the guitars. But ultimately if the Ozzy show sucks it's on Ozzy right?

I don't try to make excuses I just try to be realistic. And I'm as frustrated as anybody else that follows this team. I was hopeful. Maybe I'm dead wrong. I thought Gase did a good job putting a coaching staff together and obviously had a hand in cleaning out the organization and freshening things up. Like I said top to bottom from the president to the GM.

 Maybe I'm Wrong but I can't remember anybody ever telling me that the first time their kid came home with a violin, a drum set or an electric guitar that they absolutely loved it and it sounded great right away! LMFAO!

Lastly I've made comments about the fans and the media. I just wish we had more patience. I actually think that the amount of noise that we make in the media capital of the world absolutely effects the owners and the decision-making, the coaches and players Etc.

 All of our opinions are relative, we are all frustrated and we all want the same thing. I don't think the Johnsons, the Jets, Sam darnold, Adam Gase or Joe Douglas came here and signed on with the intention of sucking.

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On 11/16/2020 at 1:45 AM, GreenFish said:

Yes because I’ll be smart enough to know that I don’t know sh*t about coaching. So I would literally surround myself with football guys and just let them do their thing.

This is my main point thank you. We wouldn’t be running Gore into a wall 20 times a game. At least instruct your OC to “open it up a little more” or “play someone younger than us.”

Gase is so arrogant he’d rather lose his way than win someone else’s way. This is the worst kind of leader, I don’t care if it’s sports, the army or a business.

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