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Former Jets PFF grades because why not?


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Don't like it?  Keep scrolling.  I'm bored AF.

Because I'm insanely bored...PFF grades for some former Jets players:

Robby: 77.5 (career high)

Leo: 69

Bridgewater: 68.7

Adams: 68 (career low)

Shell: 67.4

Polite: 65.4

D. Davis: 63

Sheldon: 62.2

Burris: 56.3 T.

Cannon: 55.2

Dozier: 53.7

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We need to compare this to the ratings of the Jets kept instead of these guys.  

Robby we know was a giant mistake, for now.  He is playing for a big deal.  Let's see if someone gives him one in two years.  Right now the Panthers clearly keep him around for $8mm salary next year, unless they extend him.  Watch him hold out.

Leo has his act together and is playing for a contract.  I pity the team that gives it to him.  This is his last good year. 

Teddy?  Should have kept him and built a better team.

Adams-good trade to get the picks. 

Shell-better with Fant.

Polite-he is a dud, but we should have found a way to keep him on IR or something.  Tough to cut a 3rd round rookie.  

Davis did not fit into Bowles' defense.  Avery actually looked better before he got hurt.  

Sheldon-you don't pay those guys.  Draft them and replace them.  He plays now for 1-2 year contracts.

Others nothing to add. 

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