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  1. 1. Who is more responsible for the current situation (trading a starting player for pennies on the dollar)?

    • The Jets Organization
    • Le'Veon Bell

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Tough to pick a side on this one with so much blame to go around, but overall it's got to be the Jets org.

1) Christopher Johnson for ineptly keeping Mike Maccagnan despite four years on ineptitude and allowing him to run a "desperation" free agency period where he signed big names in a last ditch effort to save his job... Only before promptly firing him.

2) Mike Maccagnan, for signing an aging RB who had been out of football for a full year to a massive contract despite the fact that doing so is always a bad idea and he was a terrible fit for the team. Also for scaring away Matt Rhule and saddling us with Adam Gase.

3) Adam Gase for being one of the least innovative offensive minds in the game and failing to taylor his offense to the strength of his players. A combination of stale scheme and stubbornness has absolutely contributed to the failure of Bell here.

4) Leveon Bell for showing up out of shape last offseason, losing a step and believing he's still a star feature back when he's too slow to beat LBs to the edge. One of the fundamental issues here is clearly that Bell isn't the player that he used to be and resents the notion that he shouldn't be an every down star.

The whole situation is a clinical study on an inept organization trying to save itself with terrible big name FA signings.

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