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Gase ran good players off the same way in Miami. Such a disgrace.

What an A-hole that Bell was. Playing hard, wanting to win, wanting to be more involved in the offense. How can you win with players like that?

Kinda feel like the Jets did Bell a solid. 

Posted Images

WOW I just got back from a Neighborhood Watch meeting (free beer a few hot divorced MILF's) 

My son texted me during the meeting. 

I can tell you this JetNation fans young and old are in shock and awe of this organization and how they are managing this team. 

We still  retain the worst HC in the NFL no matter who we cut. 

This gif paints a 1000 words I don't feel like typing. 

I wish I had smellivision so I can send the stink along with the gif. 

Image result for tire fire gifs

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34 minutes ago, Charlie Brown said:

The Jets are the mist in incompetent Franchise in the entire NFL and its not close. They keep doubling down on Gase and it makes me Sick!!

At times like this it’s ok to curse Minister. 

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4 minutes ago, choon328 said:

The problem is there are some dopes on this board that are still thinking the Jets could turn it around this year and trading Bell signifies some closure to that pipe dream. 

Literally no one thinks that.

People are incensed because most of us know Bell can still get it done and this horrific coach is destroying the team.  Meanwhile he's still employed!

At this point its whatever it helps the tank but at a certain point enough is enough.  Gase ruins careers.

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6 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

What about the guy who’s posted the most in this thread?  By far?

King of the morons, or just needs to double up on the meds tonight?

Better yet, the same guy who a few back swore off the team forever then comes running back to the team just to call us morons.  


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1 minute ago, choon328 said:

This is why this was done now. 

Yup.  And may have also impacted ability to get a pick for him.  A team would need to pay his ~$6M salary for rest of the season, plus potentially be on hook for $8MM guarantee if injured.  For a guy who just returend from hamstring.  Would have beena  huge risk.

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6 minutes ago, Shelbyblue said:

There aren't any. I moved from N.Y. and now Baltimore games......no more suffering.

yup and I left NYC for LA 8 years ago and now I have the Rams to ease the pain...I am done.  I told my son the other day, he is 1 years old, "son, you don't have to be a Jets fan...you can choose the Rams, the Chargers, the Raiders and you can choose the Jets..."but I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER PASS THIS TEAM ON TO ANOTHER GENERATION.

That is criminal and disgusting.

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