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Jets Release Le’Veon Bell


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Le'Veon Bell

The New York Jets have released running back Le’Veon Bell. The shocking move was announced by General Manager Joe Douglas on Twitter. Teams that are 0 and 5 don’t typically release their most talented players. For some reason Adam Gase was never able to put together a game plan that took advantage of Bell’s strengths. This is especially true in the passing game where Bell was a non factor in Gase’s offense. Last year Bell had 789 rushing yards and a 3.2 yard average. This year Bell played two games and had 74 rushing yards and a 3.9 yard average. With so little talent on offense it is a head scratcher as to why Bell wasn’t featured and was rotating with 37 year old Frank Gore last week.

The move comes after Bell spent time liking social media posts where fans were questioning Adam Gase and the struggles that the winless Jets are having in 2020.

Statement from GM Joe Douglas pic.twitter.com/By9XevVXVv

— New York Jets (@nyjets) October 14, 2020

Here are Le’Veon Bells contract details from Over the Cap.

Le'Veon Bell Contract

Jets fans are in our forums commenting on the Jets releasing Le’Veon Bell.

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4 hours ago, Nixhead said:

Gase didn’t want Bell from the get go so he found a way to piss him off enough to get him and his agent to demand a trade. The right move was to Fire Gase not release Bell. Gase is a cancer. Bell will be very good with another team! Good luck Mr. Bell. 

First and only "accomplishment" listed on Gase's CV when applying for jobs next off-season:

"Was right about Le'Veon Bell."

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 Hey guys, Le'Veon Bell sucked! What is all this crap about us releasing our best players!? 

Jamal Adams was a f****** headache and Le'Veon Bell sucks!

Maybe if all the fans and the media stopped calling for the coach to be fired the guy could actually pay attention and do his job!?

Joe Douglas is not a Trainwreck CJ Mosley is a thief and he should go next cut his dumb ass! No more Trumaine Johnson type freeloaders making millions of dollars and not even bothering to play.

I know I'm the outlier on this one but I'm sticking with Adam Gase. I've had enough of these entitled NFL players who think the world revolves around them and they're faking injuries so that they can be traded to a new team that's a contender currently.

How about we cut and embarrass your ass and you have to go home and tell your wife we have to move to a new city!?

 Le'Veon Bell? Isn't he a rapper? The only thing he did since he got here was put out rap videos LOL! Then he admitted he wasn't in shape last year now he's talking crap about our head coach? Sayonara Buddy! How's that feel!?

Clear message to the team from Emperor Gase!!!

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I was totally pissed last week when I saw that Bell only had one target in the passing game. That's been one of his strengths. He's great catching passes out of the backfield.  The thin skinned Gase has been a total failure. The sooner he goes the better off we'll be. Good riddance.  

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