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Happy Birthday Rich Kotite! (the actual one)

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3 hours ago, predator_05 said:

Wonder what he's upto these days? You think he watches football?

I'm guessing this is the nightmare that won't go away for Richie.

78 years of age and even from his back yard in Staten Island he can still see a distant flickering  glow in the night sky that is eternal flame of the Florham Park dumpster fire that is the New York Jets.

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6 minutes ago, SAR I said:

That was outstanding.


You've had some posts that have made me literally lol (I think most recently in the Yankees thread but I can't seem to recall the exact post at the moment). 

I've probably misjudged you to some degree, despite always knowing that there was a certain (varying) amount of trolling contained in your posts.  Though I still think you really are a Gase fan.  :)


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