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Hey Sam


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Cant be that blatantly obvious.  First he needs to start liking twitter posts.  Then instagram.  Then retweeting them.  Then texting Manish that he doesnt like Gase although they both see ghosts.  Then tweet about ghosts right up until Halloween when Sam doesnt show up for the flight to KC and his account is "taken over" by the ghosts.


Since the trading deadline is Nov 3rd, the Jets will trade Sam on Monday Nov 2nd for a 3rd and a 5th in 2022

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He should at this point. The entire fan base will back him. This has gotten beyond ridiculous. They just cut Bell outright so he wouldn't be the one and point out this is historical horse sh*t, even by Jets terms. They very likely ruined his career, he might as well take a shot at them as we're all sitting here waiting to ruin Lawrence next. 

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Remember when everyone said Ryan Tannehill wasn't that good?  Yet he leaves Adam Gase and his career explodes.

Jordan Phillips

Damien Williams

Billy Turner

Kenyan Drake

DeVante Parker

Mike Gesicki

Jarvis Landry

All players who improved, and in some cases, signed starter money elsewhere (or with Dolphins) after Gase left. 

But its Joe Douglas' fault.

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