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If JD is tanking, does Gase keep his job?

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Let me start off by saying I think Gase has been a disaster here. Team looks lost, bad play calling, and he is losing the players, literally. 

Now the move with Bell, just releasing him mid season screams I am tanking this year. The only thing worse would be trading Darnold. Yes, Bell was sub-par but to just release him for nothing when he is arguably the best skill player on the team has to say something about the GM mind set. That said, is this a life preserver to Gase. I mean you are literally getting rid of the best players on the team and asking the Gase to coach the scraps. I can definitely see CJ saying this season is not Gase's fault like he did last year. 

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Here’s where it really gets interesting. JD selects the players but Gase selects which players play. JD wants the full tank and definitely wants his younger players to play but Gase needs wins to save his job and will rely on his vets.
if Gase is playing the youngsters it’s because he’s been assured that his job is secure.
the only way I  see him getting canned is if they get completely blown out , week in week out , and loses the proverbial locker room.
one can only hope.
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