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New Annual Jet Tradition Idea

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1 hour ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

If we go 0-16 this year, I propose the team have an annual toast (a la the 1972 Miami Dolphins), celebrating when the last winless team in the league gets their first victory. 

Get Gase, Chris, Woody, and Dowell Loggains in a room (Loggains would be there to fetch everything plus clean-up).  Have them make a toast, clink their glasses together, and drink champagne.  Then Gase can bring the ceremony to a close by giving Jet fans the middle finger while screaming "I'm rich as fvck!"


Then a selected fan can give a speech about baseball!



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5 hours ago, Bronx said:

We should have a 'don your paperbag masks' ceremony before the season starts. 


Day after the draft maybe? That's when our season usually starts going down hill.

Or do we hold off till after the "mini draft"?

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