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What to do with Bell's roster spot? IMHO there are 5 Options

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With the release of Le'Veon Bell, the Jets have an open roster spot.  What might they do to fill it?  I think there are 5 options:

  1. Go with the 3 RBs they have now and add a player at another position, most likely WR (By far the most likely option)
    Jets currently have Frank Gore, Le'Michael Perine, and Ty Johnson on the 53 man roster.  If Perine is healthy and if Johnson can contribute, 3 might be enough.  Johnson was a former Lions 6th round pick out of Maryland with good speed and good hands who can also return kicks.  With only 4 WRs on the roster and Mims or Perriman, hopefully getting healthy, they will likely use Bell's spot to add a WR
  2. Sign RB Josh Adams from the Practice Squad (Could Happen)
    Adams is a decent tough RB who can play special teams - it's possible he could be signed for the rest of the season (this would require a player being cut at another position if/when Perriman or Mims are ready)
  3. Sign a RB off of another team's Practice Squad (Unlikely but possible)
    There are good, serviceable RBs on other teams' practice squads - Theo Riddick in LV, Lamar Miller in Chicago, Alfred Morris with the Giants, for example.  Could sign one of those, again that would require a player to be cut when Perriman or Mims is ready.  With the new practice squad rules, you never know who is "protected" so it makes predicting PS signings a bit more difficult
  4. Sign an available "street" free agent RB (Very Unlikely)
    Hey, I like Bilal Powell as much as anyone, but it seems very unlikely he will be signed mid-season.  Marshawn Lynch?  No thanks. Spencer Ware?  Maybe
  5. Trade for a RB from another team (By far the least likely option)
    It's possible, but extremely unlikely the Jets would trade for a RB from another team, but it could happen, I suppose - Nick Chubb is hurt for a few weeks and a FA next year with Cleveland - he might be an interesting option if a long term deal could be worked out - but any trade is extremely unlikely
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