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Darnold Out Again (Week 6)

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1 minute ago, Saul Goodman said:

Darnold said last week that he was ready to play. I think someone above is correct that he’s being sat until the offense is healthy.

Which brings up the question as to whether ownership/management has assured Gase and/or Darnold that this season is a mulligan...

Well the other reason could be they want darnold to look at competent as possible for when they actually shop him this offfseason.  They need some good tape on him this season if that’s possible.

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29 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

These assholes are going to pick up his 5th year option without even knowing if he'll ever be better than Geno Smith,  aren't they?


Oy vey, Hymie....

Kinda depends. If we get the number 1 pick one would think we take Lawrence and he is the future. But, anything less than us getting the number 1 picks may mean like you said that we pickup Darnold's 5th year option and go with him using our picks to build around him and much as possible. If after that between 4th and 5th year we still see the same as what we are seeing now, we just eat the cost of what his 5th year at 25M is and we have decent enough cap room to do that. But we don't extend him since we then have to go another direction either with a draft pick at QB or a vet FA that may do decent with the players we will have by then. Heck Fitzpatrick, Dalton, etc. look pretty good with good players around them so someone like a Stafford, Garoppolo, etc. may free up by then and be able to to that or at least compete for the job with a rookie in any round don't care if we draft one that is not necessarily a top 5 pick or a Morgan/White develops. To tell you the truth I was hoping Flacco would be that guy, but he will have to show more for that to happen. He will get a chance though since he will start at least one more game.

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they way darnold has been playing sitting him for a game or two isn't the worst thing for him.  he was thrown in from the start without a decent Qb to mentor him.  At least now he can see how a QB who has won something plays the game.  and flacco wasn't that bad on sunday.  all he needs is players that can catch the ball.

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3 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

JD has a little less than a month to trade him. 

Get it done JD. 

So you're saying we are in line for a fire sale. Best trade chips would be:

WR Crowder

QB Darnold

ILB Williamson

S Maye

K Fickens

Above are guys that would help playoff teams if they are weaker in these areas. Darnold likely would start out as some teams backup unless a bad injury occurs to a team and they have no viable QB to put to start.

Note that I left QW off the above list since we need to let him develop a bit further. I see a lot of good out of him and just need to forget that face mask against Denver that cost us a likely win, but we may thank him for that later if it ends up being what gets us the number 1 pick. 

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