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A few observations from All22


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Finally had time to watch the All 22 and a few things jumped out that I sometimes miss during the live broadcast for whatever reason.  

- Didn't realize just how often they went with 2 DL and 2 OLB up front.  This was why there was even less pressure than usual on the QB.  Both DL were consistently doubled with the OLB's often dropping back or spying.  Even when they weren't doubled, the two DL were mirroring Murray which was one thing that was obvious during the live broadcast.  Gave Murray ALL DAY to throw.

- Defenses still have zero respect for the passing game.  Both RB's consistently facing 7 and 8 man boxes.  Just not enough bodies to block everyone.

- Edoga had some "He should be a starter" moments, and his fair share of "why is he in the NFL"? moments.  He was literally spun around like a top by Chandler Jones on one play where he just reached across the line and shoved Edoga's shoulder with one hand.  I say move him to RG if GVR doesn't get better because despite his "WTF" moments, he's an improving player on the cheap.

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