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Even playing a New York team is a dreaded curse...


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Im currently living in Mexico and brujería is a thing here. There have been times I have thought about giving it a shot but then I figure someone at some point has thought of that and tried it, yet we still suck. So I haven’t bothered. 

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1 hour ago, Beerfish said:

How many stars have the Jets and Giants put out for the year already this year?

Bosa, Prescott, Chandler Jones.  Who else?  Garapollo seems screwed up still.  If you even play these schmuck teams the evil and bad tidings follow you like some kind of contagion.

Well it rubs off. Yes, the NY teams have only successfully damaged the health of important player which in turn if you think about it is worse than the role of spoiler taking a game from those teams they may need. Taking great players will damage the season for those teams even more. 

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