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Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!”  

I don't mean to sound negative but I am beginning to think that Adam Gase might not be good at this whole football thing.

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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

If you're gonna suck, might as well suck so much that its entertaining.

This is entertaining.  lmao.

True. I’m over laughing like I’m at a comedy show. This is great. If Gregg can slam Gase on the sidelines, that’ll top it off.

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this is my point - no body can be effective on this offense. the only way to get Gase to stop running the old guys is to either cut them or fire Gase. This is the coaching genius we have here.

What about the Jets that makes a QB take a 28 yard sack? And everyone in the beginning of the year was dumping all over. Darnold. Maybe he is done. I don' t know, but not many if any QBs could look NFL caliber on this offense.

If we get a boat load of picks for #1 we should take them. If not we should pick QB. Either way, we have to have a new coach.

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2 minutes ago, Yucatan Jetfan said:

Have they ever fired a coach during the game?

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In 1944 Cleveland Browns head coach Paul Rozbick was fired after heading into halftime down 45-3.

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1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

@Creepy Lurker:  We are currently on pace to be outscored by over 300 points on the season.  

The 0-14 Buccaneers were outscored by 287, the most in NFL history.


If only you could see how proud I am. This is incredible. “We are not the champions....my friend....”

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