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Jets @ Dolphins, 4PM EST

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Another week, another loss (most likely). Here are my three keys to the game:
1- Get to Ryan Fitzpatrick. When you give this dude time, he’s a top 15, maybe even top 10 QB in the NFL, and Jets fans know all about that. However, if you get to him early, and force him to throw the ball under pressure, he has a tendency to make bad decisions and be very interception prone.
2- Give La’Mical Pernie a majority of the carries. As good as Frank Gore was in his prime, he’s completely washed and it shows, future hall of famer, but he just can’t get anything going. The 4th round rookie Pernie could actually prove to be a decent 3 down back if given the chance. Lets see what we have in him.
3- Get the ball to Jamison Crowder. This one is easy. He’s been the best player on the team this season, and is looking like a top 15 WR. He’s pretty much a lock for the probowl, oh wait. Jokes aside, and we’ve seen this all year, if you get the ball to him, good things happen. I want to see his 100+ yard streak continue.
If the Jets can manage to do these things during the game (which shouldn’t be very hard) the jets will have a much easier time. Unfortunately, the Jets just aren’t good right now, and they take their 6th loss of the season on the road to 0-16.
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1 Get to Fitz. With our pass rush? LOL Yea let’s put ex Lax in his oatmeal before the game. 

2 Run Perine. Great idea. With our crappy OL, Perine will want to go back to school and re-enter the draft. 

3 Flacco to Crowder. Maybe here and there. Then he’ll be triple teamed LOL 


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