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Where is it written that every starting QB has to make 25 mil a year?

Bruce Harper

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I  still am concerned that Sam will win a few games -- just enough for the Jets' pick to fall to number three or four, which would mean we probably would not draft a QB this year.

I see comments about how we can't give Sam 25 mil a year, based on what he's shown, and I am inclined to agree (unless he shows us more really soon).  I guess I am wondering whether that is really what all starting QBs, who make it past their rookie contracts, have to get paid?  I am asking because I don't know. 

Is there any recent precedent for keeping a guy to start past his rookie contract but paying him a more reasonable contract based on his so/so performance?  Not all QBs who make it to their second contract are alike.  Why should it be automatic that they would have to pay him that kind of money if he has played just good enough to be your best option but not in the top half of QBs in the league?

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