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Progressive Dolphins - Tua

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So it looks like the dolphins are starting tua now because they want to see if he’s the real deal or it’s time to move on. We must have the same mentality this offseason with Sam. If we have a chance at Trevor, take it. If Sam continues to downward spiral, then it’s time to look at other quarterbacks in the draft. The position is too important to sit pat if you’re not sure you have your guy or not. After Arizona, this seems like it will be the new league trend, if your young QB hasn’t shown enough and you are in a position to draft a replacement high that you like, you should probably take it. Let’s see how the rest of the year plays out. 

“The Dolphins understand that they’ve got the Houston Texans draft pick, and that draft pick is going to be very high. They want to know if they need to be looking at quarterbacks with that draft pick, or if they’ve got their guy in Tua. So, they’re willing to roll the dice, even though they’ve been competitive, to see what he’s got this season. Is he the guy or are they going to have a Josh Rosen/Kyler Murray situation where they punt him and move on next season?”




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9 minutes ago, Warfish said:

"Time to move on", from Tua?  They guy they literally just drafted? 

WTF are you talking about? :-k

Tua and Sam in 2020 are very different situations.

I quoted the article. It’s not a personal hypothesis. But, apparently Miami wants to see what they have in Tua by year’s end, because Houston sucks and they have Houston’s pick, which is most likely going to be a top 10 pick.

If they feel Tua is meh by season’s end and they have the 5th or 6th pick, maybe they trade Tua and draft someone else.

Arizona did it with Rosen, and the correlation I was making to Sam was that, if you are in position to draft someone who you think is better than what you have regardless of position / whose fault it is that the development has been stunted....you don’t sit on your hands and pass up drafting a better QB prospect because you don’t know when you’ll be able to draft a QB that high again.

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7 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Wrong, its the inverse. They used Ryan Fitz as the "canary in the coal mine" to see how the Offensive Line, skill positions players etc looked, because they wanted to ensure the team was stable instead of throwing their First Round QB onto the field surrounded by trash, and stunting his growth. After 6 games of watching and learning the Offense (in a year where prep time was significantly less), they decided the situation was tenable for Tua to start and they see him as their long term QB.



This is my take as well.  Tua is likely doing very well in practice, and Miami feels they are in position to make a run at the division.

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1 hour ago, Adoni Beast said:

I quoted the article. It’s not a personal hypothesis.

Aye, fair.  Should have worded my post differently.  

i.e. What the hell are THEY thinking.  

There is a non-zero chance the Dolphins want T.L., sure. I suppose.

But I wouldn't think that chance is meaningful, at all, in any way, unless Tua bombs completely and horribly in every game from here to seasons end.  I think the story is a huge reach.  

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16 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

..what lol? 

It's Week 7 of his rookie year. He's making his first start. Move on?

That’s what the article is claiming via source....not that they ARE ready to move on. But get him in now and if he Rosens it up...they’ll have Houston’s pick which should be a top 10 to decide whether or not to take another QB.

It’s not unfounded logic as Arizona just did it and are more than happy with the results.

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