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What team earns the indignity of losing to the Jets?

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1 hour ago, jmat321 said:

This is the week.  Buffalo seems "off".  Look for Jets to score a TD on defense and Flacco throws for 250 2 tds, 1 pic.  

Nah we're just who they need to get back on track 


Josh Allen will morph into Mahomes on us again and the media will go back to blowing him

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1 hour ago, SAR I said:




I actually sort of agree if Sam, Bechton and the receivers all play.  Division game and Buffalo not playing great.

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On 10/21/2020 at 9:13 AM, Jetster said:

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. This team is not going 0-16 if Darnold gets back on the field & we eventually get Mims, Perriman, V.Smith, Crowder all on the field at the same time with our complete Oline. 

Who goes down? Being the team without wins sucks but being the 1st team to lose to a pathetic team also really sucks, not just for the players but probably worse for the fans. It's like, I hope no one notices my license plate holder. 

I say it's the Dolphins. Yea, yea they just won 24-0 but the history between these organizations leads me to believe Darnold pulls a win out of his azz just to rub those horrible Fin fans nose in a loss to the Jets because they were still bringing up the fake spike. It's Monday Night Miracle all over again except on a Sunday. 

The thing is when will they be healthy at full strength? Has that happened yet? And will they be playing the Dolphins or the Chiefs when they are? Honestly, I can totally see the Jets going 0-16. 

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Buffalo will beat the sh*t out of us on Sun, Josh feels like he has something to prove after that KC game 

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