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JetNation Power Rankings Week 6 (Top 10)

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1. Kansas City Chiefs (5-1) – The Chiefs atoned for their first loss with a dominant performance against a good team on the road. Not sure if adding Le’Veon Bell was necessary. The possible disruption in the clubhouse might outweigh the talent being added to the roster. Last Week: 2

2. Baltimore Ravens (5-1) – The Ravens made it interesting against Philadelphia. They will need to play a complete game after the bye week when they host the Steelers. Last Week: 3

3. Tennessee Titans (5-0) – The Titans definitely have a flair for the dramatic. I think the coaches and fans would love a nice blowout win here and there. Last Week: 4

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-0) – The Steelers slammed the Browns on Sunday in impressive fashion. This week’s trip to Tennessee will be a challenge. Last Week: 5

5. Green Bay Packers (4-1) – It would not have been a disappointment to lose a tough game in Tampa. The Packers found a way to lose in very disappointing fashion. Last Week: 1

6. Seattle Seahawks (5-0) – The Seahawks have a chance to make a statement in the NFC West in the next two weeks. They play at the Cardinals this week and home for the 49ers the next. Last Week: 6

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) The Bucs smothered Green Bay’s high-powered offense. It was easily their best performance of the year. The trip to Las Vegas this week will not be easy. It will be interesting to see if the Bucs can maintain their level of play. Last Week: Unranked

8. Chicago Bears (5-1) This might be the weakest 4-1 team in the history of the league, but you can only beat who you play. The Bears find a way to get enough points on the board to complement their defense. Last Week: Unranked

9. Indianapolis Colts (4-2) – It was good to see that Rivers bounce back with a big day at QB. The next few weeks are brutal for the Colts. After a trip to Detroit, they host the Ravens, then travel to meet the Titans before a home game against the Packers. We’ll see if they can hold their place in this list. Last Week: Unranked

10. Las Vegas Raiders (3-2) – There are a bunch of teams contending for this final spot. The Raiders get the slight edge for their win against KC. They get to prove themselves this week at home against a rising Tampa team. Last Week: Unranked

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Seahawks Titans Chiefs are the best 3 teams in NFL, in whatever order you wanna put them.

Bears are sneaky good too.

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