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Daniel Jones tackles himself to prevent TD

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40 minutes ago, jetophile said:

Thank you for your service. Out of curiosity, the next time that you had to run your ass off in boots did you start out at a slow pace and pick up speed as you went on or start at a medium pace and just hold steady? Which approach did you find works better to not run out of gas?

The old man is a triathlete (11 time Ironnan, fck that, btw), but I rarely ask him for endurance advice because it's usually something so off-the-wall I would never do it. He's so incredibly fit he can actually regulate his own heartbeat. I'm an avid hiker and snowshoer, and I pepper in a jog here and there. He did teach me how to sprint properly, but the rest is for crap as far as I'm concerned, haha. 

I'm very "fit" actually, sit ups and all that malarkey; but the hiking is to train for snowshoeing and the snowshoeing is to train for hiking and I don't really see it as exercise because I love being in the woods so it's easy to ignore the exertion. If I had to formally train for anything that required extreme discipline I would go full fat slob in a New York Minute.

As an aside, I think that's why people who try to get healthy when they live a sedentary lifestyle often fail because they shoot too high and then they're faced with maintaining something that is impossible to maintain. I'm not saying that you should shoot low, just set realistic parameters.

I don't know, I guess in some ways it's all relative because some people might consider what I do extreme (((shrugs))).

Oh, and fck the Giants. 

Well that was the one and only time we were required to do a full sprint in boots....it was for the fitness test of all things :)  And yes I passed anyway.   Most of the time we would just march "quick time"in platoon formation; good old p.t. .   

My father always told me an athlete knows his body and I was lucky enough to inherit his athletic ability.  I've always plays sports of one type or another and these days it me and my road bike. (they used to be called a 10 speed but this one has 21 speeds so I don't know what to call it).  

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