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A real catch-22 for Jets fans the next month or so

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18 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I've been thinking a lot the last few days about how the next month or so could be really difficult for us Jets fans, but in a different way then it's normally difficult.

We are start to finally see some of our Young pieces on the field, together.  Becton, Mims, Perine and even probably guys like Zuniga and Hall.  That's actually relatively exciting and reason to watch.  

But what if all of them turn out to show promise?  It's entirely possible that if they all play well(along with Darnold improving), we could kiss that #1 pick goodbye.

On the other hand, if they all underwhelm, then yippee we get the 1st pick, but are not any closer to a competitive roster than we were a year ago. And the GM would have some questions to answer.

Then again, Gase is the coach so maybe both things can happen and he just costs us the game from his ineptness. 

Only on the Jets could young players showing promise and the QB improving be a bad thing

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14 hours ago, slimjasi said:

If we are 1-15, Darnold didn’t play well enough to move forward with. That’s the bottom line. 

Darnold probably has to win a minimum of 4-5 games to keep his job, IMO. 

Otherwise, Douglas will be staring at one of Lawrence, Fields, or Lance with a chance to reset the rookie QB contract window.

street fighter GIF

What is this obsession with resetting the rookie deal on the QB. There is nobody on this team due for a big payday including Sam. How could anyone justify giving him a big contract. He would probably get a deal in the area of 15 Mill. That would be peanuts for a young QB. We are also sitting on a ton of cap. This thing about having cap space is only important if you have vets you want to resign. There are none of those on the Jets. 

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27 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

The fact that Sam hasn’t earned a big payday yet is precisely the problem. We have to make a decision on Sam one way or another next year and he hasn’t shown the consistency necessary to prove that he can be the guy. 

So, if Sam doesn’t start playing really, really well like right now, we will basically be heading into next year with Sam having one season to prove himself before having to either make a big financial commitment to him or lose him for nothing. 

But if you draft Lawrence, you now have an awesome QB prospect who you don’t have to commit to long term for several years. 

This is Sam’s third year - he has to put it together now. That’s the way the NFL works, unfortunately. You don’t get half a decade to develop into a franchise QB on one team.  


The problem with that is we have been trying to evaluate Sam with his shoe laces tied together. I think Sam can be the guy but if the chance to draft Lawrence presents itself, it makes sense to go that direction and let some other team develop Sam. I just don't want to see this team draft Fields so we can reset the QB clock and have another QB prospect no better than Sam. 

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