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A real catch-22 for Jets fans the next month or so

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21 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I've been thinking a lot the last few days about how the next month or so could be really difficult for us Jets fans, but in a different way then it's normally difficult.

We are start to finally see some of our Young pieces on the field, together.  Becton, Mims, Perine and even probably guys like Zuniga and Hall.  That's actually relatively exciting and reason to watch.  

But what if all of them turn out to show promise?  It's entirely possible that if they all play well(along with Darnold improving), we could kiss that #1 pick goodbye.

On the other hand, if they all underwhelm, then yippee we get the 1st pick, but are not any closer to a competitive roster than we were a year ago. And the GM would have some questions to answer.

Then again, Gase is the coach so maybe both things can happen and he just costs us the game from his ineptness. 

Root for the Jets, since we're all Jets Fans.

The Draft will be what it will be.  

Rooting for losses....man, what a miserable way to watch your team, getting mad when they do good, being pissed if they win, why bother at that point?  May as well just not watch at all.

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