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Jets/Bills: What to watch for.

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OK, OK. The Jets are generally predicted to lose this one by a couple of TD's. It takes a real willingness to suspend disbelief [stealing a sign from Coleridge,] to hope for a win here. That doesn't mean the game isn't worth watching. This old Jets follower [since the NY Titans days] will be looking for some specific sign of improvement. Whether Mr. Samuel Darnold does or does not play is secondary for me. One QB does not a winning team make. [Ed.: Yup. How good would Mr. Patrick Mahomes be if he's 'protected' by the Jet's offensive line? "Right this way, blitzers! Let us help you meet Mr. Mahomes, up close and personal."]


I'll be looking for general improvement, even if marginal, in team play. Are there fewer flags? Fewer sacks? More forced 3-and-out's for the Bills? You get the idea. Are the Jets making progress in becoming a team rather than a loose collection of guys in green uniforms?


You'll be watching the game, too. Setting over and under's and spread considerations aside, what will you be watching for?,   

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I'll be watching the youngsters. The only hope I feel I have as a Jets fan is for this draft class to turn out good? I want to see a glimmer of hope watching Becton further dominate established veteran pass rushers, I want to see Denzel Mims finally play a game and show some sort of chemistry with Sammy, I want to see Lamichael Perine show some of the compliments he got during TC. I DON'T want to see Braden Mann as that would indicate the offense might actually have a few longer drives. But I s still want the Jets to lose....

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