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#/!# Jets vs Bills - Discussion Thread #/!#


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It's weird thinking that we might score with the oc calling the plays...

I have been saying it but even with out talent decent play calling gives us a chance, we are still not super talented, especially without bell, but Gase not calling plays really helps.

G williams def is perfect example, he has crap talent with injuries hold out etc but get his guys in position to make plays and chance to win.

Now at least on off we are not killing ourselves with stupid play call every single play.

 I had huge reservations thinking OC would be just as bad as Gase but seems like he is not complete idiot

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1 minute ago, jetspenguin said:

This is whats up...the offense doesn't look so sh*tty and now...PRESTO we have a capable defense.

Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.

Josh Allen’s first 3 weeks were a mirage. He is looking exactly like he has his first two seasons. His mobility bails him out a lot but I’m not sold that JA is a good QB.

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