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Rooting for Sam and a win!

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Most years I would be rooting for the Jets to beat the Bills as I hate them but this year is different. It is extremely important we get the 1OA this year. I'm hoping Darnold has a good game and the Jets look like an actual NFL team but that we lose. The Jets are bad and will not win more than 2 games at most so right now I'm fully behind the tank. We need to take a long term view here because it's the only hope the we have. 

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I would like to mail the OP a bottle.of Cabo. Great post. My prediction is if this offensive unit stays healthy the rest of the year, our biggest issue other than center and guard will be acquiring defensive talent

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This year is all about grading Sam's week to week performance
The hoped for improvement would have been starting at C level performance and escalating throughout the year
I'll still accept escalating ratings throughout the rest of the season ... albeit at a little sharper incline now
without actually looking it up I believe reasonable grades were
week 1 F
week 2 D-
week 3 F
week 4 F
Give me a C today Sam ... or dare i ask, a C+ 

Week 7 F


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