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Cowboys lost Dalton to a concussion today...

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13 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

They can still easily win the division. If Dalton is going to be out for longer than a week, I'd be surprised to not see them trade for a QB. Their next game is against the Eagles, I think.

Rumor had it that Mike McCarthy liked Sam Darnold.

Just sayin'.

Did you see Dalton play?  He’s ass

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9 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

Personally, for me, trading him is all predicated on landing a top QB in the draft.

So, if that happens, are you going to want to exercise Darnold's 5th year option for $25mil just to keep him as a back-up? Or do you let him walk for nothing? Or are you one that believes we don't even draft a QB in 2021?

Pick up the option. 

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4 hours ago, Irish Jet said:

The reaction, or lack thereof from the Cowboys players is disgraceful. That's you're f*cking QB. Compare them to these:




Meanwhile Dalton is murdered and these pricks are just like "Oh well RIP I guess". Incredible. 

Cowboys are a cancerous team. Those players are as concerned with their own personal celebrity than their NFL career. 


Agree.  I think the cowboys are a victim of their own celebrity culture.  Any scrub who puts on a star helmet now thinks they’re a 1995 Deion Sanders 

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