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Cowboys lost Dalton to a concussion today...

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21 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

I think you give him one more shot if you can't land T+Law or Fields.

Unless you just want to go ahead and sink or swim with Captain Morgan in 2021

Not a fan of Lance? 

21 hours ago, pointman said:

No way. Head first puts your head right in line with being decapitated like Dalton. Feet first gives you a chance, especially if you're a quarterback. Doubly so if you're like Dalton and wait til the absolutely last second to go down and have your head out there to take the brunt of the blow. I've rarely seen a player get their head turned into toast going feet first. I have seen many get years taken off their life going head first. 

I always feel more comfortable head first, but  I was always more afraid of hurting my legs.  I am also mostly Calabrese.

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Just now, Spoot-Face said:

Tbh, I don't know much about him, but when I hear talk about the best QBs in the draft it's mostly only Lawrence and Fields that get mentioned. And I'm not an avid college football watcher.

Doing a quick look at him, I noticed he will only have 2 full seasons of game time, too. Eh.

I have little faith in my analysis of college QBs.  I think I am okay at saying NO to a prospect, but I have no faith in anybody I like being a YES.  Lance and Lawrence both have that kind of haven't failed thing going for them. Lawrence has been top dog in his class for a long time.  Lance basically had a perfect season.  16-0, 28TD, 0INTs.  

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