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Did Gase take over play calling in 2nd half?

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13 minutes ago, carlito1171 said:

In all seriousness.....Loggains did a good job of breaking Gase's playcalling tendencies....it caught the Bills off guard. 

You saw a lot of playaction rollouts, misdirection, more pre-snap motion, and Darnold was using his cadence to get the Bills D to show their hand. You saw more runs to the outside, instead of just HB dives up the gut. 


At the end of the day, no matter who is the playcaller it's still Gase's lame ass scheme. The Bills adjusted to what Loggains was calling. They started sending the house at Sam because they saw they can repeatedly be successful with it....

It's a meme at this point ... "gotta watch the film" is what Gase says all the time. I think it's actually very telling though. He hasn't learned to adjust on the fly to what the other team is doing. I don't think he can process what's happening in real time. He can go look at the film and eventually break it down and do something with it but once the opponent makes some real time adjustments he's shooting in the dark and clueless.

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