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Sam Darnold Post Jets/Gase


Sam Darnold Post Jets/Gase  

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After the Jets unload him he'll go to another team who will give him a serious shake in camp against another potential starter, probably a veteran. I could maybe see the Pats going after him to compete with Cam and a draft pick. When he doesn't show success there he will be a backup in a couple places for a few years before washing out. 

The Jets haven't helped him at all but he doesn't seem to have the mental game to play in the NFL. 

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10 hours ago, TeddEY said:

As the Gase/Darnold and Darnold/Jets break-up seems forthcoming.  I'm interested to see what jet nation dot com thinks his career trajectory looks like in life after Gase.


Ignore this thread! It is a Russian bot. There is no website Jet nation dot com. Our website is forums.jetnation.com. Nice try. ??‍♂️

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I think Darnold is probably a guy who needed to sit his rookie season and watch. The bad habits he had in college have only been magnified in the pros and now you have to wonder if they are correctable at all at this point. 

It will be interesting to see if he can get another shot in a better situation. The best thing Darnold has going for him is his age. When you combine that with his raw physical ability, there will absolutely be a few teams that are willing to bring him into their building. I could still see Sam developing into a good NFL QB down the road, but I could also see him becoming a career backup. Not sure. 

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One thing that makes Sam sucking so hard to deal with is that there were ALOT of smart people puffing up Sam's trajectory to top 5 or even the best QB in the league. I mean, when you hear those kind of things, you start seeing that as a real possibility, and it can totally skew how you evaluate the player. Especially us Jets fan, who have been starving for a franchise QB for a long time.

I got Gamepass and started watching other teams play... and i realized something. Pretty much every QB in the league, makes 1-2 plays a game that are awesome most weeks. The QB position is WILDLY different nowadays based on lots of factors that help them play at a higher level much faster than in the past.

I wouldn't be slightly surprised if Fields/TL first NFL game with NYJ is better than what Darnold is providing. 

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