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Latest Manish Hit Piece on Gase: Hailey Trashes Gase Poor Coaching and Fraudulent Talk

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1 hour ago, slimjasi said:

But isn't it telling that Bell is suddenly a 3rd down back/role player on a stacked team, now? 

It feels like his number 1 running back days are over. 

Listen, I hope he tears it up. FYI, he was one of my favorite players in the league before he came here. I just don't want people to pretend that he showed any kind of promise here and wasn't overweight last year. 

I do think it's telling that he may be just a 3rd down back on a stacked team.  And would be a number 1 on more than a few teams.  

And should have been fed the ball like a number one on the Jets.  I don't buy into he's lost a lot of burst blah, blah, blah stuff.  I don't remember speed being his game, ever.  Nobody commented, complained about his weight in camp or early in the season.  I remember people excited when videos of his workouts in Florida were posted though.  I also remember he went later in the draft because he wasn't fast.  Gase just didn't want to use him the way Bell is designed to be used. 

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19 hours ago, slimjasi said:

Eh, I think you guys who think Bell is still a number 1 running back are just wrong, but I don't care enough to belabor the point. He wasn't good here - if you want to blame that all on Gase, go for it. It's meaningless now, anyway. 

Bell may or may not be done.  We shall see.  He's playing somewhere that he'll be used.  If he performs we'll be right, if not we're wrong

And if he's not done, if he has anything, if he's a mediocre #1 it isn't meaningless.  If it's on Gase it's one more indictment on his resume.  Wasting a player who could have helped, who we wasted a lot of money on because he wanted to make a point 

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