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Jets - Chiefs Game Thread

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I dont care what anyone says. Good QB or not.  Sam Darnold is one of 3 or 4 players on this team even remotely trying. Unfortunately, trying to overcompensate is what leads to his bad decisions a

The good news is that the season is already half over. The bad news is that the season is just half over.

I love you, Chuck, but I think it's time.

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1 minute ago, jgb said:

What wrong with being a town employee?

Please, don't concede. This is all we have right now.

Don't worry, he gave up the very next post. He is mine to do whatever I want with. I make him dance. Dance puppet, dance.


puppets GIF by Bob Baker Marionette Theater

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Oh great, now if Darnold is out again with a bum shoulder the crew will have ammunition to say how much better the Jets played with him rather than without him because we managed 4 FG's and 1 TD in 2 games

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23 minutes ago, Ruby2 said:

O i know. Network tv is dead. Just shocked they still were able to churn out crap like the nighborhood and B positive during COVID.

"From the people who brought you 'Wisdom of the Crowd'"...


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It’s tough to evaluate players in a season like this. Playing for the Jets this season has to be so demoralizing, it’s going to naturally degrade everyone’s play. These guys are human. Like, maybe Herndon could actually catch a pass on a more normal team.  

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3 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

Mechanical Engineer you mop pusher. 

GFY not going to tell you again. 

Are your parents home should I call them and tell them to turn out the lights in the basement. 

See? Cringe. Its what you do. 



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4 minutes ago, pointman said:

nah. He's actually mad. I just enjoy watching a 56 year old former town employee who is poorly educated get consistently angry on a forum because he gets called out for being a hypocrite and generally not very bright. haha!

You’ve been reported. Stop fckn up the thread and don’t mess with @joewilly12 There are only a select few who have that privilege and you ain’t one of them

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