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Jets - Chiefs Game Thread


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This product is unwatchable.  Very depressing.  I am officially sapped of all hope regarding this team's prospects of becoming a competitive team next year, even with a new HC and QB.  This team is far and away, the least talented team, top to bottom, that I've seen in my 45 + years of watching football.  

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1 minute ago, Wonderboy said:

You’ve been kicked out Bye bye pointing to the exit sign




Its amazing how you incoherent simpletons stick together. I hope you blocked me, but like your kissing cousin over there.. I doubt you will. Why? Enjoy being owned. Nice job commenting on wanting to see two males engage in coitus. 

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11 minutes ago, carlito1171 said:

Dude get a grip.....this is football not bible study 

I’m okay, but thanks for your concern. I don’t have to like anyone showing up an underdog. I expect a world class athlete and personality to act with more class in front of a team that was a 21.5 point underdog. Congrats! You you won! You were supposed to since the schedule was released 

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