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Lamar Jackson is regressing, and the Ravens are struggling because of it

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I know that people are going to freak out over this post ("why is this in a Jets' forum?!") but I'm posting it so we can keep QB hype in perspective.  MVP winner last year but lost in the divisional round.  Now we're reading that he's struggling.

I can't say I've watched all that much of him this year but I think the lesson is that an athletic QB isn't necessarily "the answer".  While a running QB is a definite threat, teams will adjust over time.  Ultimately the position is still about being a great passer.  Ideally a QB could combine the 2 (e.g. Mahomes/Russell Wilson/Aaron Rodgers) but if you can only be great at 1 of the 2 skills, being a great passer is preferred.  (e.g. Tom Brady vs Josh Allen).

Yes this is a bit oversimplified and I'm not saying LJ or JA aren't still very good and that they can't play great again.  I'm just saying we tend to jump to conclusions on these guys ("LJ won MVP!") when history has shown us that the non-great passers tend to regress to the mean (at least somewhat).



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Yes. The most important attribute for any QB -- even a running one -- is touch, accuracy, and being able to read a defense. The running element is a nice to have, but ultimately useless without being a good throw of the football.

That said, Jackson is a good NFL QB. It would've been even more surprising if he didn't regress to the mean a bit after an MVP year.

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