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Can the Jets beat the patsies?


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I was having an argument with a coworker today. He was very LOUDLY complaining about how truly bad the patsies are this season. He said, "I think the Jets are going to beat them ". I told him he was f*cking nuts. I told him that he had NO idea just how BAD the Jets are. I said they're in competition for the very worst team in the history of the league. They're Tampa Bay expansion team bad. 

In the end, he was 100% certain the Jets would beat the patsies. I told him he was on crack. We made a $10 bet about who will lose.

Now I ask you.... Do the Jets have a snowballs chance in hell of beating the patsies? Tell me your honest opinion....

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I actually think you'll get a good effort (especially from the defense) in prime time, against the Pats. This is an 0-8 team -- getting that first win entering the BYE on national TV is basically their "Super Bowl" if you will. So, given the struggles of the Pats offense, I think you'll see it stay close early on.

That said, this offense is scoring 12 points a game. The Pats D, despite injuries and opt outs, is a good defense. BB is the guy who really exposed how to beat Darnold/Gase last year in the Seeing Ghosts game -- Cover Zero, disguise your pressure packages, blitz like crazy. They know they can cover our WRs, they know Darnold won't see the blitz, they know we can't block them.

Our last five games against the Patriots? We've scored ONE offensive touchdown. Why would that change for this game? This offense is worse than any of the offenses of the last three years.

I just have a really hard time seeing the Jets offense suddenly scoring at all when they haven't been able to all season. We've only cracked 20 points once all season. So to win, we're gonna have to win like 16-13. I just don't see it.

I think it's like a 21-6 or 23-9 type score.

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Let's not forget since our GM got hit with the reality that our team is far worse garbage than he had imagined, he's been steadily trading what remaining talent we did have on this team. Steve McLendon, Avery Williamson, Leveon Bell either cut or traded? This is very clearly a team with larger fish to fry than trying to figure out how to earn their first win. Ultimately, I can't help but think the Jets will not only lose, but lose impressively. If by chance they win this game, it would purely be by dumb luck.

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1 hour ago, bealeb319 said:

We can beat the Patriots as bad as we are sam darnold is better than cam newton

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Um I wish Sam was better than Cam and Cam is nothing special anymore. If Darnold is indeed better than Cam he has a fair chance to prove it Monday night. My money is on Cam unfortunately.

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