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A Good Weekend So Far....

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3 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

I can pretty much gaurantee you this will be why we miss out on #1 overall. Yes I know the Texans were also a one win team - they're better and will win a few games.


This happens a lot , not to this extent but the play clock is a guideline for the refs and they have been told to be uber lenient.  This includes coaches calling timeout, often after the clock hits 0 but the refs always give them the timeout.

Just one more way that the NFL artificially helps offenses.

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That #1 pick has Jacksonville's name all over it. Just hope we don't fall lower than 2.
Hey .. but we can use the remaining games to create a false narrative if we go on a streak ... next year we can say the won 5 of their look at 6 .. t hff ey are pretty awesome ... keep gase and darnold ...

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1 hour ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

Jets can barely get into the end zone. I wouldn't be concerned with winning a game.

Exactly.  1 TD drive in our last 37 possessons.  This is incompetence at a historical level that we are witnessing. 

But in typical Jet fashion, I can't help but think that we will win a game on some sort of a fluke, and pick second behind a 1-win Jaguar team.   We will finish with the worst point differential in NFL history and become the first 1 win team ever not to have the first pick.  Would be so Jetsy.

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