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The team that played last night does not go 0-7


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17 hours ago, Raideraholic said:

When the Raiders have a fully healthy offense, they can beat any team.   The problem is they’re really hurting at the tackle position right now + have some injuries on offense .  Trent Brown is the best Rt in the game has played in one game, and three snaps in another .( that’s it)    When he’s in the lineup it’s a total different team.   Lt Kolton missed his first game of his career.    Not having their bookend tackles effect their ability to throw the football down the field.   
The defense is very disappointing. They have enough talent on that side of ball but just haven’t gotten the job done.( think they need a new Dc ).

Oh god, the kiss of death.  Raiderhomer explaining why the Raiders talent.  Lol


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Any team with a capable passing offense should smoke the Jets pass defense. We likely have the worst cornerbacks in the league and one, if not the worst, pass rushing groups. The pats are one of the worst passing offenses in the league, didn't have Edelman, and we were out Quinnen Williams and we still managed to make Cam look decent and made Jakobi Meyers look like an all pro. 

Looking ahead, the Seahawks and Chargers are among the best passing teams in the league and I laugh thinking about our corners trying to lock down their receivers. The Raiders and Rams are both solid passing offensives, and the Browns and Raiders are OK but have capable rushing attacks. 

If our offense is going to put up 30 a game we will likely find a way to win 1-2 games, but who has confidence in that after what we saw the first eight weeks. While any given Sunday can happen the Jets are just so bad all around it seems so unlikely to me that we are able to both stop seemingly impressive offensive options, as well as actually generate offense on our own. I still believe we find a win in here somewhere, probably against the Pats week 17 when Bellicheck is playing professional lacrosse players he signed that week, but I can't see us getting another one besides that unless Tua/Herbert just get baffled by GW's schemes. 


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19 hours ago, BroadwayRay said:

For those of you saying the Chargers, Raiders, Rams, Dolphins and Browns games are winnable: Have you been watching NFL games this season other than Jets games?

I was thinking the same thing lol.  Those teams have played MUCH BETTER than the Jets, even in their losses.   I would be shocked if we win against any of them.  

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