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Leonard Williams is having a Pro Bowl year


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Eh, hes playing about as well as he did in 2015-2016.  In other words upper echelon starter, but not quite elite.  That's what he is when he tries...  A good player who is just outside the top ten at his position.  Then he loafs for a year when he gets paid (he learned that from the best.. Mo Wilkerson).

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42 minutes ago, PCP63 said:

So? Doesn't change the fact that he was a lazy POS here, and it was a good trade. 


We paid his salary last year for the Giants.

How are the picks we got for him doing? 

Oh yeah... we didn't have to pay him this year. Which would be great, except he'd be the best player on our defense, and we never seem to pay any of our best players, do we?

We send them off to other teams for picks and pat each other on the back talking about how we "won the trade" until those picks don't work out. Then we rinse and repeat.

We're the worst team in the sport, yet according to the fans, we "win" every trade we make.

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No one is guaranteeing Leo any real money.  

He will get a 2 year contract, for around $10mm/year, with 1.5 years guaranteed.  Maybe a bit more. 

People like to talk about how DTs are not impact players, but if you can’t stop the run you look like a really bad team.   The Jets with Q and Foley can stop the run.  They are not the reason the Jets are winless.   The Jets are winless because the offense and CBS are epically bad.  

that is why teams were interested in trading for Q.

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1 hour ago, pdxgreen said:

Still butt hurt over a comment I made in another section and buzzing around my other contributions  to different threads?

 I'd rather you just downvoted them.  For a troll you have a surprisingly thin skin.

You give yourself WAY too much credit. I know your avatar, but I can't remember a single thing you've ever posted. 

The troll thing?

I fish waters a lot deeper than you swim in, son. I go after a lot bigger than you.

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57 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

We're the worst team in the sport, yet according to the fans, we "win" every trade we make.

Comes with the territory of winning the best offseason award , something we've every year that I've been on these boards.

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1 hour ago, David Harris said:

No Ragrets.  Ive watched him.  He’s a little better but just mostly the same. Almost all his sacks are coverage sacks- and he almost always just bullrushes.  Solid run defender.

Like Adams he could be a solid contributor in a good defense. But these high draft pick name guys with egos are impossible to sign for reasonable money.  He’s a $6-8 mill player getting paid 4 times that. 

All of this. 

Leo was always going to be one of those guys who gets overpaid. 

Also, Leo being a pro bowl alternate isn't going to save Dave Gettleman from getting fired in 7 weeks. 

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