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Football can be entertaining


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Watching RedZone today.  A lot of competetive, entertaining games.  Football can be fun when you have playmaking QBs, running backs who can gain more than 3 yards, and WRs who can leap high in the end zone with three defenders around them and make a spectacular catch to win the game with no time on the clock.  It's fun when you have coaches who don't always punt on 4th down or kick field goals when they are down by 4 touchdowns.  The Bills, Cardinals, Dolphins and 49ers show that it doesn't have to take 5 years to turn a terrible franchise around.

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4 hours ago, Beerfish said:

In a league all about offense the jets have been drafting and investing in Dt's, ilbs and Safeties for years.

MacLoser's approach to building a football team was completely bewildering. I cannot think of any possible rationale for the moves that he made. None. 

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8 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

He’s best player available approach, with zero regard for positional importance.

Sure I can buy that for the draft but what about FA? He signed the same types of defensive players in free agency as well.  He completely ignored the offense just linebacker DT DE and CB it was bizarre

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