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RIP Sean


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3 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

Life is so short. My grandma used to have a saying that everyone has a 100 year life span (at the most) and to make the most out of it and cherish every moment. When I think of her words? I understand what she meant because when I look at the stars, our trees here in Earth and other plantets that have been around for hundreds of millions of years and that will all be here hundreds of millions of years after us; I realize that our lifespan is truly a blink of an eye within the grand scheme of things and although saddens me makes me appreciative and thankful to have ever experienced what we call, life. 

I'm 35 and found out in 2017 I'm type two diabetic my blood sugar was once 448 once I was finally diagnosed and the doctors said I have probably been living with diabetes since my childhood and although I try and not to think about death all that often it's impossible for me not to because I have a fear of not knowing when or more fearful how I will one day die. With all that said knowledge is power because finding out I was diabetic saved my life @ 448 I was a walking dead man but dating back to 2017 I've completely changed my diet have eliminated sugars and exercise 90 minutes per day and play basketball every Saturday & Sunday mornings and I'm thankful to say my blood sugar has never been over 133 dating back to 2017 of 448. I'm doing really good and healthy to say the least. 

I know your friend is proud of you just for doing something such as letting Jet fans know about him. I know I would be. I made my wife who's my best friend make me a promise that if anything ever happens to me to make sure to tell my online Jet fan friends about me this way I can read from heaven all the crazy types of memories and stories Jet fans once had of DWC lol and she promised me she'll keep her word (however my goal is to live until I'm 107). 

Once again jgb I'm sorry man I hate to think about death I try and avoid it but just know by keeping him in your heart thoughts and prayers that he'll never be gone and will always live within you. 

That’s amazing what you have done! Very good  

how they didn’t pick this up earlier is surprising  



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Sorry for your loss, 42 years young is just too young. I lost my sister Feb.10th (64 years old), my 13 year old puppy Tuesday morning, 2020 can't end fast enough for me! And 250,000 families are also suffering the loss of loved ones in this country. 

0-9 with the Jets is just a blip on the suffering scale for me. It's a 1 out of 10 with the way this year has rolled. And don't forget all of the people suffering financially. This is a year that can change your life if you want it to, love more, think of material things less, love your neighbors, hug your friends, be kind to strangers, reconcile with those you've had issues with. 

Take a terrible year & make it a year that turned you into the best person you can be! 

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On 11/18/2020 at 7:08 PM, Greenbloodblitz said:

Hey my condolences man very sorry for the loss of your friend.

Absolutely for everyone, always be your true self and speak honestly to the people around you that you love or that you're spending time with.

It's a sad fact but you never know when youre not going to see somebody again.

I've been through it all from motorcycle accidents to weird ailments to overdoses. It sucks to not be able to say goodbye.

 Life is funny. My old man was on the Oscar Madison diet his whole life, eating bacon and hot dogs smoking cigars and drinking whiskey and somehow he still gimping around? My mother never did a damn thing wrong in her life and got genetic urethral cancer and it ate her alive in 3 years.Smh

My friend John who I hadn't seen in about a decade had two years sober and drove us to Jones Beach for the Black Sabbath concert and a month later he shot up and died instantly. It's an emotional beating.

Any of you young guys reading this, wise up and realize how precious life is. Treasure every moment you spend with people that you know or love.

If people are in trouble do whatever you have to do to help them. If people are sick, say what you got to say to them. Make sure you say what you mean and have no regrets.


Beautifully put.  Had read through this thread before and I can relate with Jgb’s pain. Just hit me harder now. Perhaps I felt somewhat in denial of the reality: It’s been a year since my closest friend passed from cancer. Definitely was shocking, he was still so young, around 52 and had so much life in him and so much more to live. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and since his loss, it feels like there’s been something missing that just can’t be replaced. But I take his spirit with me and find myself even having conversations with him.  It’s now 4 of my closest friends have passed. One drank himself to death. The other overdosed on speedballs after trying to get sober for several years. The other crack did him in. Feel very alone now. But they are a part of me which brings me solace. Such close friends are so rare. Never take those close for granted. I’ve been through similar experiences you stated. They leave an undeniable impression on ones soul.  But the trick is to be humbled, thankful to have survived and be awed by the intrinsic wisdom gained from them to share with others. You have done that magnificently here. This ‘stuff’ my favorite word, gives one a deeper understanding of life and a greater appreciation of all things.  Now let’s go eat a goddamn snack. 

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On 11/18/2020 at 6:14 PM, jgb said:

Sad news to report. A long-time member of the NC Jets Fan club passed away last week. It especially hurts as his family and my family have been close for over 40 years starting back in Poughkeepsie NY before both our dads got transferred with IBM to NC in the early 80s. Sean was a great dude, always the life of the party, always made everyone feel welcome. He was one of the "cool kids" growing up and even though I was a "nerd" he always included me whether we were on the same Bambino league baseball team  where both our dads were coaches (Go Golden Corral!) or just hanging out.  Here's a link to his obituary.


From his obituary: "He was a huge NC State and NY Jets fan. " He bled green all the way. 42 years young. Too soon. RIP my man. 


Damn man. I'm sorry to hear that.  Truly. 

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The death of a friend, it gets pushed to the side in a kneejerk sort of way on the Death of Importance Scale, I sometimes find. "Well, at least it wasn't your Mom", "Well, at least it wasn't your Grandma", "Well, at least it wasn't your cousin". What kind of sh it is that?

I have a very strong opinion on it, and I'm very confident in my conclusion. Maybe part of it has to do with being an adopted person, but I tend to forge very strong and meaningful relationships and bonds with people who are not related to me because blood is very often not thicker than water. 

It's probably a confusing thread to follow in a complicated tapestry for some, but my adoptive family is the family who raised me and who I've known most of my life, and I don't see the distinction of blood there and never did; but when my Mom was dying, it was the first time I ever saw my Mom's family for what they were: they only considered me family because they were throwing my Mom a bone. Well, fck you, keep it. That was the only time I felt my "otherness" so blatantly. It was cruel. 

That being said, even if they were related to me biologically, there are more than a few of them that I wouldn't mind kicking in the back into the Hudson River in return for kicking me off the side of a building, but it has long since stopped harming me internally. It's just apathy now, really. I have one cousin who I would give my life for without blinking, and the rest of them . . . He's 11 years my senior, and we're thick as thieves. Why? Because we had the same family, and it's us vs poison we no longer engage.  That, and the main player has since died: his own mother. To be clear, he took my side when she was still alive. I would say 'enough said', but it's more like 'not enough said', because I love him so much for that and I always will.

I told that story for a very particular reason.  My Daddy had this friend, Rudy, who was a few years older than him. I never knew the connection (World War II?), but when that guy died, my father was never the same. He sobbed from the depth of his person, and we had to visit Rudy's Mom every single Sunday when I was a kid until she died. Rudy also had a younger brother, Joseph, who became mentally disabled from 'Scarlet Fever' (which was probably meningitis) when he was three, who was a Boo Radley type. He was very gentle, and dressed in a suit all the time. There's a lot more to Joseph, but it's not necessary to the point.

Anyway, my Daddy said something to me back then that I have never forgotten: "If you can count your friends on one hand, you will have died a very lucky man." How very true that is. I'm very sorry for your loss. 


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