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Joey Bosa returns from Concussion Protocol


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3 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

Interesting that he picks this week to come back. Becton is going to ring his bell again... perhaps they move him over toward Fant

As much as I want to lose this game, I still want the youngins to win their battles. 
Id love to see Mekhi plant him on his azz a few times, just as a prelim to 2021 when out Oline looks like this: Becton-Thuney-Humphrey-McGovern-Fant 

That would be a damn good Oline with incredible versatility. 

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40 minutes ago, bla bla bla said:

Been hearing a lot from Charger fans that there is a good shot they lose. I don't know if they just haven't watched the Jets but 2-7 isn't the best record either so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

its certainly possible...but if you look at their schedule...they basically lost by a TD or less to some very good teams including NO, Tampa, Vegas and Miami...there is a reason we are a 10 point dog. game is also on the "road"


but yes, anything is possible if we can get a few picks.

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2 hours ago, bla bla bla said:

Bosa blitzing Flacco will be huge from preventing the deep ball. Chargers are 2-7, we aren't out of the woods yet

Im not seeing why we have a chance given 2 wins to zero and the number of last second losses, killers that they have on their record.  I get the on any given Sunday routine, just not here.  I get it though

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