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Jets-Chargers Game Thread

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19 minutes ago, DJF71 said:

The Chargers are a bad team and the Jets couldn't beat them. This was the only game the Jets could win. 0-16 is a guarantee. 

Still have the Pats game to end the season. 

I want the Jets to target Adams all night with bombs across the middlewhen they play the Hawks

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I really like the way this team takes care of its business.  Went up against a 1-win Denver team early in the season, and took care of them.  2 win Pats team on Monday night a couple of weeks ago, we

Denzel Mims is the first NYJ rookie WR since 1970 with 40+ rec yards in each of their first 4 career games.   Suck it, JD haters.

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2 minutes ago, Paradis said:

Either Adam doesn't care anymore because he read the same tea leaves the rest of North America has -- or he's got a pact to fuel the tank and survive it..

That’s what I’m worried about.  That Gase has been guaranteed job security and is tanking to get TJ

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One residual effect I have right now from this game is increased confidence in Joe Douglas's drafting. If he can get one or two more of these type of drafts, the Jets might be resurrected into a damn good football team.  Fingers crossed but I like what I see from this draft class when they are on the field!🤞👌

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Draft class looks good man

Hall did pretty good

Mims is solid, has to learn to not seek hand fighting EVERY play

Becton is a beast

Ashton is improving

Perrine may be a decent backup


get Trevor, Thuney, Robinson and Bud Dupree - another good draft and we’re in the best shape we’ve been in in a decade just like that

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Just now, jeremy2020 said:

Not to be lost in this, Anthony Lynn is an awful head coach and should be fired. 

Yup.  How do you have a QB that completes 74 % of his throws for 350+ yards and 3 TDs and not win by double digits?  Insane that the game was that close.

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4 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

The pass to Mims should have been pass interference. The defender never turned around. But since I’m firmly in the tank camp, I won’t complain. 

I still don’t know week to week, heck game to game, what the hell pass interference is.  

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3 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

What?  Why would they take a safety with out a guarantee to run out the clock are they insane?

Run the clock down. And then anything that transpires next doesn't matter as league rules any play runs a second off the clock. Actually kicking the ball to our inept returner Berrios was the only mistake made. 

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