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What BAD movie do you compare this HORRIFIC franchise to.


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So I would say Armageddon-except rewritten so that Bruce Willis does not actually save the world. The bomb detonates too late and the asteroid ends up colliding with and destroying earth, but just before the shocking carnage the explosion blows off Bruce Willis’ head and his decapitated head in slow motion flies into and gives Liv Tyler one last kiss from daddy before she’s impaled by Ben Affleck’s penis and the world explodes and the human race is eliminated. At the end the camera pans back in space to two aliens high fiving each other as it turns out the asteroid was actually centuries of compacted and dried alien crap that they fired at us because they were so disgusted by the human race they seeded hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Yeah, that’s the movie I compare the Jets to.

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37 minutes ago, Panzer Division Marduk said:

Anyone who has the gall to equate that cinematic masterpiece to the Jets deserves to end up as a crunchy bit in Lord Crumb's upchuck.

Though, I can see similarities with Gase and Derek. Especially when it comes to eye movement.

When the guy is shoving bits of alien brain back into his head, and using a tie to hold it in place....

I meant more the season is in Bad Taste, and the Johnsons are like Aliens giving a big FU to the fans.

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4 hours ago, jetophile said:

Oh, man, I am The Queen of Bad Movies! I can also almost always find something funny about something that isn't supposed to be. We shriek like Hell whenever we watch 'Psycho' when Dr. Simon (the Psychiatrist) is explaining Norman's psychopathy, partly because it reminds us of 'Glen or Glenda'! It's the best part of the movie!

Sam Loomis: "Why was he . . . dressed like that?"

District Attorney (deeply annoyed): "HE'S A TRANSVESTITE!"

Dr. Simon: "Not exacty! A man who dresses in women's clothing in order to achieve a sexual change or satisfaction is a transvestite. But in Norman's case he was simply doing everything possible to keep alive the illusion of his mother being alive!"



Wasn’t “Plan 9 From Outer Space” named the worst movie ever made?? It’s so bad its entertaining. Scenes shift from night to day and back to night; Bella Lugosi died during filming and there are scenes where him and his replacement (who doesn’t look like him) are interchanged; you can see the strings holding up the Flying Saucer; cheap sets....etc. It’s great!!!!

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