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NY Daily News writer quits over being Manish's puppet and reason for Manish losing credentials exposed.


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4 hours ago, Dcat said:

That's Mehta in the photo there at the top, right?  

What in the world is he doing in that photo?

It looks like he's trying to swallow his phone.  


His phone has an interlock on it to prevent him from writing copy drunk 

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Mehta being gone is half the battle.  But if the Daily News keeps the sports editor who encouraged this behavior, they are only going to repeat the cycle.  Maybe they truly felt it was the only way to save the paper, but at this point, is it worth saving?  When you claim your subscription is worth $16/month and you have a 'sale' for $0.25/month, maybe it's time to move on.

And by the way, for your $1, you still get 'fewer' ads, not none.  Wow.


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